Hello people of the Interwebs, figured I should at least have an about me in my profile section so here goes.

My name is Michael Zhao, and I graduated with a bachelor’s in Communication from Annenberg at the University of Southern California. These days I am on systems admin with WeWork after a year of interesting changes and being mostly convinced that I am paid to be paranoid.

Fascinated with philosophy, faith, and am usually found unhealthily wired from all the coffee I roast, brew, and drink (let me know if you would like to talk coffee; happy to help where I can).

Once Covid is over, so excited to re-up on ceramics and start working on stoneware again.

When I’m not on the incident line, I am usually found in a hammock somewhere and reading something. Of late, have been reading books like “Nocturnes” by Kazuro Ishiguro, “Apeirgon” by Colum McCann, and “All The Rivers” by Dorit Rabinyan. Always looking for book recommendations so hit me up if you have them.

Things I’m excited to have time to learn about and do in quarantine include: Learning Go, Incident Management, transcribing stuff on alto sax, and shell scripting.

P.S. I will eventually figure out how to add in pictures.

Fascinated by all things coffee and deeper conversations